^^ all photos mine

a Christian,
a teenager,
a writer,
a pianist,
a sister,
a true California girl at heart,
an ENFJ,
a dreamer.
my friends,
Jane Austen,
Hamilton (!!),
people of all skin colors and appearances,
my youth group,
making others happy.

that the Son of God paid it all and rose from the dead,
in a death and resurrection for you and me,
that God's love is unconditional -- no exceptions,
in open borders and open hearts,
in unconditional mercy and love,
in living solely for Him,
that He will come again.


well hey there! that up there ^^ was my attempt at being unique and cool.

well, we all know how that turned out.

just kidding haha! I'm super glad that you decided to stop by my tiny lil' corner of the Internet today.
i'm Sarah -- ENFJ, artist & musician, lover of words and classic literature, and glasses wearer.

like i mentioned above, i love music! i'm nearing my eleventh year of training in classical piano. i also am a huge writing + reading person (i was reading Dickens and Les Mis in fifth grade, if that tells you anything haha) and i'm a pretty strict grammar person. USUALLY. here, that usually ends up being bent a ton because my blogging style is quite flail-y and HAS A TON OF CAPS!! AND EXCLAMATIONS!!! and sometimes no caps or exclamations too so. yeah.

i love history, so if you want to discuss that with me, feel free to. i'm a huge history nerd hehe. i'm also a Hamilton person. hey, what can i say? it's literally a musical that's practically telling you to "write like you're running out of time". i couldn't resist.

so yeah, that's me! bits & pieces, ins & outs, but i think i've covered almost everything. feel free to rant with me about laertes or enjolras or hamilton or music or -- idk, napoleon? literally anything. i'm here for all of you guys and you rock! :))

have an amazing day, you there. ^.^