a Christian,
a teenager,
a writer,
a pianist,
a sister,
a true California girl at heart,
an ENFJ,
a dreamer.

my friends,
Jane Austen,
Hamilton (!!),
people of all skin colors and appearances,
my youth group,
making others happy.

that the Son of God paid it all and rose from the dead,
in a death and resurrection for you and me,
that God's love is unconditional -- no exceptions,
in open borders and open hearts,
in unconditional mercy and love,
in living solely for Him,
that He will come again.


Hey there! Now that you've read my attempt at being cool and artistic and creative, here's the long version of my "About" page.

I'm Sarah. I'm a dreamer, a wanderer, a lover of words and music, and an ENFJ. I live in a highly intellectual and competitive area, and as a direct result, I'm quite the academic nerd. I love history and the arts, and in my free time, I scatter words like stardust through the sky.  I fervently believe in putting ourselves in other people's shoes, and the phrase "first world problems" is not funny to me.

I believe in building bridges, not walls. I'm horrible at being sarcastic and even more so at telling whether people are being sarcastic or not (anyone else? PLZ TELL ME I'M NOT ALONE XD).

My sister is my best friend! She's so sweet and (unintentionally) funny, and we can happily rent about BTS and Hamilton and Lord of the Rings together. Annnnnd she's ditching me for college. Thanks, Grace. XDD

I'm nearing my eleventh year of classical piano -- music is a part of me! I typically practice an hour and a half each day (which is far from enough, but hey, it's better than nothing!). I sing in my school's second-level choir and own a lovely flute with an Altus headjoint. I wear glasses, and trust me, you don't want to see me try to take a vision test without them. 

(Seriously, you don't.)

I live in the US and I love snow because it's literally such a photogenic form of precipitation! :)) I love graphic design and waste way too much time redesigning my blog, but shhh . . . .XDD

I lived close to the Pacific Ocean once upon a time. I'm a grammar geek. I'm obsessed with classic literature and will happily rant about Polonius, Laertes, Mr. Darcy. and/or Enjolras because ENJOLRAS to anyone who will listen. Drop me a comment and we can discuss Willoughby togezzah. The Oxford Comma is the besssst.

Also Hamilton. Hamilton gets his own grammatically incorrect run-on sentence because I WILL shout about Hamilton non stop and just you wait try to stop me because I will never be satisfied.
And this little blog of mine? It's just my little corner of the internet where my art, photography, words, and rambles find a home. This is where I can show you all a glimpse into my life -- memories, mistakes, and all. Follow along, won't you?

{contact} drop me a note, question, or kind suggestion at sarah[dot]bloginfo[at]gmail[dot]com.

p.s. thank you, thank you, thank you for making it through my super rambly "about" page! i wrote this page about twenty times (XD) and change it often, so bear with me. :)) thanks for stopping by, and i hope you like what you see!

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