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NOTE: Even though I'm not blogging for the next year, I'm still open for design requests! :)

If you like the look of my buttons (found here) I'd be more than happy to design you a button and matching header for no cost. Simply send me an email at sarah[dot]bloginfo[at]gmail[dot]com. If you don't want to use your email, you can also comment on any post and I'll put your new button up on my button swap page.

Here's what you can expect from my buttons and headers:
1. matches your color scheme
2. visually pleasing but simple
3. finished in a few days, maximum
Here's what you have to do:
1. either email me at sarah[dot]bloginfo[at]gmail[dot]com or comment on any post of mine.
2. in your email or comment, tell me:
      a) your blog name and tagline if you'd like it included in your design
      b) your blog URL
      c) your preferred color scheme.
3. if you emailed me, I'll email you your button as an image. if you commented, you'll find it on my button swap page.
4. give me credit. I'd like it if you gave me credit for designing your button, even if it isn't obvious. It can be at the bottom of your button swap page or the last line in your copyrights.

My designs aren't:
1. Considered professional. This means that I use free graphics off of the internet to design them. Nevertheless, I do my best to disguise this fact and make them look professional.
2. All the work. I only design images. I don't give you a grab button code for them or anything like that. If you plan on having a grab button code like the one I have on my button swap page, you'll have to take care of that yourself.

that's it!

It's super simple! I'll happily design a button, header, or both that matches your blog scheme for free. I love designing buttons and headers, and I'd love to design one or both for you! What are you waiting for? email me at sarah[dot]bloginfo[at]gmail[dot]com or comment on a post to order!

blogs I've designed for:

the young and dreaming / header and button / currently private blog
the smile project / header and button / no link yet



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