2016's Thankful List | Thanksgiving

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It's the end of November.
*freaks out*

It's that time of year where the stores start bringing out the Christmas lights and trees and whatnot while I'm sitting there like Theoden.

It's also Thanksgiving.

We have so much to be thankful for. The things God has done for me are astounding, and I'm incredibly grateful for the big and small blessings that have been placed in my path throughout the last eleven-months-and-some-weeks.

Since Thanksgiving is in the next few days, here are a few of the amazing things God has given me that I'm extremely thankful for.

20% projects

Now, why would I be thankful for 20% projects? Because they're what got me started on blogging. last year, we worked on a 20% project to be presented at the end of the school year. I focused on building my writing skills and started a writing blog in the meantime. I've met (and continue to meet) so many amazing people through blogging, and I absolutely love it.


Books are books. Enough said.

(although some kids we know came visiting with their parents to our house and we lent them our precious copy of The Hobbit like . . . three? four? months ago. we're still waiting to get it back, and I'm slightly scared to see the condition it is returned in O.o)


Without my glasses, I would be quite blind -- no joke. And therefore unable to read LotR (oh the horrors)!
I'm very very very very thankful for them.



Friends are the people who are willing to help you up when you're feeling down. They're the ones who are always open when you need someone to talk to or fangirl with. Basically, my friends are defined as those who can actually withstand my dangerously high levels of craziness -- whether through the Internet (like my blogging bestie Grace @ The Girl Upstairs) or those I exchange insanity with in real life (like my aforementioned awesomely awesome sister, another Grace).

free stuff

If you haven't figured it out, I'm a teenager who doesn't have a job. therefore:

I love free stuff! I haven't spent any money at all on any of my blogs so far, and I really hope to keep it that way! *crosses fingers*


Seasons are amazing. Not only are the year-round seasons a perfect sample of God's amazing creation, but other seasons make me happy. Like Christmas! The season of celebrating Christ's birth and giving to others.

my sister, who's always by my side (who got the reference?!!)

AKA my best friend. I love this girl so much -- she sings Hamilton and Les Mis with me and teaches me the soprano 1 parts to her choral music. She's the besttt. *hugs her*


This past summer, I went with my youth group on a short-term mission trip. I've now gone for the past two years, and every time it's the most meaningful week of my entire 365 days. The first year I went, it changed my life dramatically, so I was so happy to see many of my friends decide to go this year. I was working with kids, which was awesome -- reaching out to people makes me feel so happyyy. *nods*


Music is so much more than a Spotify playlist. It's a vent for self-expression, beauty, and passion. It's a way to represent things you can't put into words, and being a pianist, it's a major part of my life.

PLUS HAMILTON. JUST . . . HAMILTON. *nods rapidly*

my youth group

I feel like the most blessed girl in the world when I think about my youth group. We're a huge family, and I don't know what I would do without them.

what's the number one thing you're thankful for? can you relate to any of the things i listed? leave me a comment down below!

xoxo, sarah

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  1. Amen to the Hamilton bit! I am officially obsessed... My family is concerned because "Dear Theodosia" nearly reduces me to a puddle of tears every time I listen to it...

    1. Indeed! Hamilton is AMAHZING. And Dear Theodosia is so sweet. <33
      Random question: are you the one who commented on my old blog to ask what Hamilton was? I saw the title of your old blog and it's the exact same title as the WordPress blog of the commenter, so I was just curious. :)

    2. Probably! I do remember commenting somewhere asking what all the hype was about because it seemed like all of sudden everyone was like, "Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton!!!" and I was like,"I have no clue what that is????"

      Now I know!!!

      Technically you're to blame, as I heard about it from you first! :)

    3. Hehe! Yeah, I think that was my blog.
      I believe it was on "Writerly Hamspirations For The Incurably Hamilton Obsessed". �� Hamilton is literally THE BEST (but soo distracting)!

    4. *shoves self into conversation* HAMILTON MY BABYYY!!! EEP! I just LOOOVE this musical!
      Ahem. As you can tell, I get very excited when I meet new HamilTrash. XD XD XD

    5. We actually had a loooooong chat about Hamilton on your blog, Grace, but nice to meet you again!

    6. To Sarah: YAAAS SO DISTRACTING!!! I don't jnpw how I got aaaaanny writing done with Hamilton it waiting to be listened to... (Actually, I do. It was my reward for meeting my daily quota!)

    7. Haha, that's smart! How many words are you at right now? And wait -- you did move to storyanddarkchocolate.wordpress.com, right?


    8. Yes, that's me! I moved from Blogger about... 2 months ago, I guess???

      I actually finished about a week ago? But I decided to keep going until the 30th, so 51k and counting!

    9. GOODNESS HOW DID I FORGET??? That was one awesome chat, Kayla! Hello again! :D

    10. Okay, cool! Just so I know what to call you, is it Kayla Marie or Kate Marie?

    11. @Grace: yassss it was!!! You're also partly to blame for my current OBSESSION! ;) Shall we be the Hamilton Triplets???

      @Sarah: confusing, isn't it? Sorry about that! When I was with Blogger, I had to have a Google account, which is under the name Kayla (my real name). When I switched over to Wordpress, I decided I was ready to start going by Kate (a childhood nickname). Now when I comment on Wordpress blogs, people know me as Kate and when I comment on Blogger, it still uses my Google account which I never switched over to my "new" name.

  2. Ahh, we really have so much to be thankful for. I love Thanksgiving. :) (I'm totally Elf there though haha XD)
    AWW SHUCKS GIRL YOU'RE SO SWEET! *hugs you* You're one of me most preciousest friends EVA! <3 <3 <3
    ~Grace <3
    P.S. "To your UNION, and the hope that you provide...May you always be satisfied." *sigh* Poor Angelica. (BUT THAT IS ONE AWESOME REFERENCE LIKE EEP!)

    1. We do! And yes, Thanksgiving is the best. It also gets an extra bonus because my birthday is two days after it this year like ahhh. Hehe!

      GAH I CAN SAY THE EXACT SAME ABOUT YOU! You're just the best, Grace. Love ya girl! <333

      P.S. Yesss I love Angelica. (Eliza! ...and Peggy! The Schuyler sisters . . .)


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